Peter Dolog // 13th International Conference on Web Engineering

ICWE 2013 conference was for me the first to organize in Aalborg and it was also my first experience with Visit Aalborg. Here are key aspects of the good and effective collaborations with them. First, in my areas of research it is almost always the case that the conference organization is awarded after a competitive bid. Visit Aalborg has strong competence in preparing and presenting the bid material with very good marketing, graphic design and all information with is needed and is crucial about infrastructure, accessibility, budget and options for hosting social events which make quite significant impact on the success in your bid. Second, the Visit Aalborg personnel are flexible and proactive in communications when additional requests are made and when ad hoc queries of the participants arise. Third, the Visit Aalborg is well networked with local businesses, therefore are able to make to the point important suggestions for social events, catering, host venue and many other services which are available in this region. They can also make a cost benefit analysis for those suggestions. Fourth, one contact point for the enquiries who hold all the knowledge about where to direct queries during planning and organization of the conference contributed to the success of the ICWE 2013 conference. Last but not least, empathy of the Visit Aalborg personnel made all participants happy when interacting with them. I am in the process of planning the next event, UMAP 2014 for July 2014 again with Visit Aalborg and I also recommend you to approach them even in cases when your team is smaller and you are in doubt whether you can run a conference of 100 – 200 participants and definitively with larger events. You can be sure that your event will be a success.

Assoc. Professor Dr. Peter Dolog
Intelligent Web and Information Systems, Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University