Patricia Sokacova // INSPIRE 2014

As we are running many events in different parts of Europe, we have indeed a lot of experience and various memories, so from my experience after closing the conference, I would like to express my thankfulness and hats off to the whole team – from the University, from the conference center including the ladies helping with the registration, accommodation arrangements, the technicians and the waiters.

The whole event was running smoothly and people made use of the breaks and were networking very actively. I heard very positive feedback. Being used to very strict rules, instructions and restrictions at many places, I came x-time with maybe annoying questions to you ... till I received from you a lovely e-mail telling me: "...don't worry, we are very relaxed people in Denmark and it will be just fine..." and it WAS!

It was a pleasure to have the stand there, meet many of our members and have very useful discussions, learn lot of new things etc, being relaxed and looked after so nicely by the conference team. As I was mostly in the stand, I had the opportunity to see the technicians and the waiters at work...and I liked very much their professionalism and at the same time their friendly approach.
It is indeed true that in Denmark live the most happy people in Europe, it was obvious seeing so many smiling faces in Aalborg! And thanks to your conference we had the opportunity to admire the city and the life there too".

Patricia Sokacova
Stand holder at INSPIRE 2014
Membership and Communication Manager